Our Fruits

The Fruits we provide grow in seasons and are an important part of the normal daily diet. Most of our fruits originate from all parts of the world, mainly

· Holland – Mushrooms, Cherries, Plum Cherry Shaker.

· Spain – Pomegranate

· South Africa – Apples, Grapes, Oranges and Tangerines

· Thailand – Sweet Tamarind

· Egypt – Apples, Grapes, Oranges and Tangerines



From Pink Lady to Granny Smith Apples, we have it all!

Avocados & Bananas

Avaoados and Bananas! We give you only the best quality from the best farms in Kenya!

Papayas & Mangos

Papayas and Mangos! sweet, juicy or sour, we have all your mango needs!

Citrus Fruits

From fresh and sweet Oranges to tangy Tangerines and Kiwis, find your quality citrus fruits in any of our stores!


The reason children eat any fruit at all, we always keep well stocked with all sorts of grapes and berries!


Watermelons, Thorn melons and Green melons are just some of the melons that we keep fully stocked, all season long!

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